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 Graphic designer with experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery. Passionate in the field in graphic design, typography, motion graphics, and experimental video collage. Searching for new opportunities while enhancing self-development as a designer.

New Year Postcard 2022

2022 Self Initiated

Postcard designed in celebration for the Year of the Tiger. Lettering streaming from the eyes expresses the wavy tiger stripes.

Getting Directions 

2020 Participation in 〈전염과 면역 Infection and Immunity〉 2020.11.05.–11.26.

Poster designed for 〈Infection and Immunity〉, an exhibition about the existence of a host in a pandemic era. Graphics reminiscent of the ground surface and complicated traces represent that physical distinction between oneself and others became a means of survival.

Kibae Kam Solo Exhibition Poster

2022 Commissioned by Kibae Kam

Poster designed for ‘One and a Half’, the first solo exhibition by Kibae Kam, a Korean multidisciplinary artist. The exhibition reveals the artist's impression of an old city surrounded by the deformative structures where he once lived. The poster employs the overlapped visual elements to represent the intruded spaces caused by the odd residential environment.

2020 NPO Partner Fair

2020 @Double-D

Identity design and digital media productions developed for the 2020 NPO Partner Fair. The NPO Partner Fair is an event focusing on revitalizing the Non-Profit Organizations' ecosystem held in Seoul NPO Center. The close connection between partners of the fair was expressed in abstract 3D graphics in a colorful and organic form. Key visuals were applied by varying applications such as web banners, web magazines, and directory books.